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Posted on August 25, 2022 in Personal Injury

Sometimes, accident victims decide to switch personal injury lawyers in the middle of a claim or case. , The Melonakos Law Firm explores five of the most common reasons they do so.

Common Reasons to Switch Personal Injury Attorneys

Some of the most common reasons why personal injury victims change lawyers mid-case include:

The Attorney Is Difficult to Reach

Most attorneys are busy, but a good personal injury lawyer always makes time for their clients, especially when you have urgent concerns. Unfortunately, some lawyers are notorious for being impossible to get in touch with or leaving subordinates to handle their clients for them, which can be incredibly frustrating. Many clients who switch attorneys do so after multiple failed attempts to make contact with their lawyer.

The Attorney’s Explanations Are Unclear

Like any legal matter, a personal injury case can become complex and drawn-out, particularly when multiple parties or large claims are involved. A good attorney understands how unfamiliar legal concepts can be confusing to clients and tries to explain things in plain language. If a lawyer fails or refuses to communicate clearly, their clients are much more likely to jump ship.

You Disagree with the Direction of the Case

Good injury lawyers work collaboratively with their clients to identify key goals and take the case in the right direction to achieve those goals. However, some attorneys think they know best and refuse to consider their clients’ priorities. When a lawyer forces the issue by taking your injury case in a direction that does not align with your goals, it is often a sign that you might need to find a new lawyer.

Your Relationship Is Tense or Challenging

At the end of the day, every lawyer is just a person. Some people simply do not get along well together. Some clients might respond well to an attorney who is all-business, while others might prefer someone who is more personable. When the client-attorney relationship feels tense or strained, it is perfectly acceptable for clients to seek new representation.

The Attorney Pushes for a Quick Settlement

A swift settlement can seem like a relief at first, but in reality, a quicker settlement often means an undervalued claim. A good attorney will know to pursue a given case for as long as it takes to secure the results their client deserves. Injury victims commonly leave attorneys who attempt to pressure them to settle before they feel comfortable doing so. You deserve to have your interests put first.

What to Keep in Mind When Selecting Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking to switch lawyers or are hiring a personal injury lawyer for the first time, you should:

  • Consider referrals from friends and family members you trust
  • Review the attorney’s specific experience with cases like yours
  • Evaluate the lawyer’s credentials and prior case results
  • Consider the size and caseload of the attorney’s law firm
  • Ask how the attorney handles fees
  • Read through online reviews from the lawyer’s past clients
  • Ask for a consultation before you choose, and go with your gut

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