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Bad car accident? This is your guy!

"I was in a really bad accident and Mike made sure I was taken care of. It's not an overnight process but he made it simple and held my hand the whole way. Of course, we won - Mike is like a lion ripping its prey to pieces. He fought hard for me. I recommend him to anyone who has ever been seriously injured or just hurt. I was very satisfied with his services and firm. Mike will fight for you so you don't have to." — Kia

Michael Melonakos was beyond amazing.

"Heartfelt concern for what I was experiencing in the aftermath of my accident. Always engaged and responsive. Set me up with one of the best Orthopedic Physicians in Atlanta. A success story for all. Forever grateful for his services." — Anonymous Personal Injury Client

Mike... Best Attorney I have ever had. Calm, Professional, Straightforward.

"Mike navigated my case in a way that left me nothing short of satisfied! He knows his profession very well! Every profession needs individuals like Mike! He knew how to deal with very difficult, deceptive and dismissive Insurance adjusters, and mike got me what I deserved. I admire, commend and recommend his worth ethic." — Klaus

Top Notch All the Way!

"Michael Melonakos handled our case and did a fantastic job representing us. Ours was a complex, lengthy case against a very difficult insurance company yet we ended up getting a settlement that was light years beyond what they had offered. The entire time he represented us, Michael kept us well-informed of the case's status, was well prepared, and on top of things. We always felt that we were valued clients and were treated with the utmost respect and compassion. We highly recommend Michael Melonakos - we could not have been more pleased." — Michael

Definitely will refer friends.

"Great law firm. I got the money I deserve and all my questions were answered. Thanks, Mike Melonakos!!" — Carey B.

My experience was great !!

"Mike represented me in 2013 after being hit by an eighteen wheeler. That was a set of circumstances that I did not know the first thing about handling, but Mike made the entire process very smooth and was also much quicker than I expected it to be. I was in a really bad spot, and I'm glad he was the one handling my situation. I would be quick to recommend Mike to anyone that I know should they need the type of service he provides!" — Daniel

Forever grateful.

"No words to describe this team. Michael Melonakos guided me through the aftermath of my horrific accident. Set me up with the best Orthopedic group in Atlanta. Responsive and engaged through the entire process. This was a success story all the way around." — Susan V.

Thank You..!

"It has been a great pleasure working with Mike Melonakos. He was always very responsive and patient with a million questions we had. I would definitely recommend him and his firm to assist in a very difficult time after an accident." — Anna H.

My experience here was pleasant.

"Attorney Mike was generous and empathetic, I am appreciative. Thank you for helping me move forward with my life." — Mia S.

Excellent service.

"I received the max payout on my case. He kept me informed every step of the way. Great work on my behalf." — Seanneth

Couldn't have hoped for a better attorney.

"I hired Michael for a tractor-trailer accident I was in two years ago. Micheal was the best attorney I could have asked for in my case. He was thorough and advised me to wait until I had received all the treatment I needed and not to rush. He answered all of my emails timely and spent needed one on one time with me discussing and planning for my case. He even helped to relieve my anxiety about the case. He also was able to settle my case satisfactorily without years of litigation. Very pleased with this firm and I highly recommend Michael." — Katie

Amazing. Thanks!

"After someone ran a red light and totaled my car, I was left in the dust with a serious back injury. I was advised to go to Attorney Michael Melonakos from a friend, and he really took care of me! I was able to complete my therapy without worrying about the costs. He made sure to update me as often as possible, and didn't close the case until I was 100% happy with the outcome." — Zig C.

Mike and his team never left me.

"I would like to thank Mike and his team for helping me with my case. They helped me and kept me well informed along the way. Even when I had to relocate to another state, Mike and his team never left me. I really appreciate them. I will be sure to recommend this team to my friends and family. Again, thanks, guys." — Esther C.

Really great lawyer!

"Michael is great at what he does. I was involved in a hit and run accident in Spring of 2016, and I hired Michael as my lawyer. I went to Michael after deciding to leave another law firm. He assured me that with him on my side I had nothing to worry about and he was right!" — Anonymous Personal Injury Client

Thanks a lot Michael Melonakos.

"Me and my family got injured in an automobile accident by a driver who was arguing with her passenger. We got in touch with the Roth Firm and they quickly went to work. They got us the therapy we needed and in due time our checks were available too. Thanks a lot, Michael Melonakos and the team at Roth Firm." — Samuel A.


"I had Mr. Michael and he did everything I asked of him. No matter how many times I called, he called back with [the] info I asked. He made my first experience great - thank you." — Anonymous Personal Injury Client

I am very happy....

"I am very happy I chose Michael to represent me in my automotive accident. Mike always kept me well informed. Even if the statues in my case hadn’t changed, I could count on him to contact me every week or two with an update. They will spend the time to answer and explain every question you might have. I highly recommend Mike and The Roth Firm, they are very friendly and care about every case. Thank you, Mike, for all your help." — Sabrina

An honest lawyer that cares.

"Mike worked on my case 18 months after the insurance company only offered a $9,000 settlement for a shoulder injury that needed surgery from a car accident. He advised me not settle and to fight with the insurance company more than a year and a half. Roth law firm hired an RN to review my injuries at no upfront cost to me. Long story short, Mike sent out demand letter of $100,000 to the insurance company and gave them 15 days to accept the offer or we will be heading to court. Finally, after 12 days they accepted the $100,000 settlement. Indeed, without Mike & Roth Law Firm, I would be cheated by the insurance company. I highly recommend Mike and his team. Do yourself a favor, don't deal with the insurance company alone." — Abdul

Thank You So Much!!

"I got hurt in a car accident, it was not my fault. I tried to cooperate with the insurance company... They were not concerned! I called MIKE... I got the settlement I deserved. I was crying and hurt at the scene of the accident. [They] took care of the situation and squared me away!!!" — Connie W.

My family and I are extremely satisfied with the outcome of our case.

"Four of my family members (children and father), including myself, were hit from the back by an inexperienced driver. Although we were physically hurt and emotionally drained, Mike assured us that we were in the most capable hands. I would undoubtedly agree that Mike Melonakos handled our case efficiently, professionally, and tirelessly to maximize the outcome of our case. He and Donna, his case manager, made us feel like family. He always called you back and answered any all questions concerning your accident. Mike never ended a call without knowing that you understood the process. His patience, understanding, and calm spirit proved that he is a human first and lawyer second. In my opinion, you need a lawyer that is working and not calling you daily. We received everything we asked for from the insurance company at fault. If you want stellar results on your case, contact Mike Melonakos at the Roth Firm. If you want mediocre results, call another lawyer. Thank you, Mike and Donna, for everything you have done. I couldn't have asked for a more qualified lawyer." — Taleeta


"Michael represented me in an automotive accident a few months ago. Atty Mike did an awesome job for me! They were kind and courteous and kept me well informed about my case. The other litigants and myself were well compensated at the end of the case. They took a very stressful situation and made it easy for me. Thank you, attorney Mike..." — Lisa

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