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Posted on March 25, 2024 in Interesting Articles,Rules Of The Road

Accidents can occur on any road at any time, but certain areas throughout South Carolina have earned a notorious reputation for being particularly hazardous. If you live or drive in South Carolina, here’s what you should know about the state’s most dangerous roads and intersections.

What Makes Certain Roads and Intersections More Dangerous?

Roads and intersections can become more dangerous than others due to several factors. High traffic volume can increase the likelihood of crashes, as more cars mean more chances for collisions. Roads with higher speed limits also tend to see more severe accidents since cars traveling faster can cause more damage. Poorly designed intersections and roads with confusing signs or signals also contribute to the danger, as drivers are more likely to make mistakes when unsure what to do. Roads and intersections without proper maintenance or lighting are also hotspots for accidents since they increase the risk of losing driver control.

Risky South Carolina Intersections and Roads

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety recently released some eye-opening statistics on the crashes, injuries, and fatalities on the state’s major highways in one recent year. According to the data:

  • In total, there were 121 fatal collisions, 195 serious injury collisions, and 2,939 other injury collisions across all the major interstates in South Carolina in one recent year.
  • Across all interstates in South Carolina that year, 143 people died, and 254 were seriously injured in accidents.
  • Interstate 26 had the highest number of fatal collisions that year, with 37 incidents. It also had the most severe injury collisions (62) and other injury collisions (915).
  • Interstate 95 had the next most fatal collisions, with 32 such incidents. It also had the second-highest number of serious injury collisions (41).
  • In terms of human impact that year, I-26 had the highest number of persons killed at 46 and the highest number of persons seriously injured at 78. I-95 was the next worst, with 36 people killed and 58 seriously injured.

Interstate highways are not the only dangerous roads in the state. The following roads and intersections are also common locations for traffic collisions in South Carolina, according to information from the Charleston Post & Courier:

  • I-85 and East Main Street in Spartanburg
  • I-26 and St. Andrews Road in Columbia
  • I-26 and College Park Road in Charleston
  • U.S. 17 and Holmestown Road in Myrtle Beach
  • Celanese Road and India Hook Road in Rock Hill
  • Cherry Road and Mt. Gallant Road in Rock Hill
  • South Main Street and West Shockley Ferry Road in Anderson
  • White Hall Road and Pearman Dairy Road in Anderson
  • Assembly Street and Elmwood Avenue in Columbia

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