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Posted on December 13, 2018 in A Letter From the Lawyer

What you don’t know can cost you 

I had a new client call me today. She was in a wreck two weeks ago and went to the ER following the wreck. The at-fault driver’s insurance company called her a few days later. They were now offering her $800 for her pain and suffering and to pay “for the reasonable medical bills, up to $1200.”  She wanted to know if that was fair.  I asked her if she still had any pain. She said yes, her neck and back were still hurting.  I then asked, “Do you know how much your medical treatment going forward will cost to heal your injuries?” Her response, “I’m not a doctor, I don’t know how long I’m going to feel like this.”  “Exactly,” I said, “then how could it possibly be a fair offer from an insurance company if you don’t even know the extent of your injuries, how long they will last, and what other treatment you may need to get better?”  The fact is, insurance companies want to close their claims as soon as possible, and for as little as possible.  They are not interested in taking care of you or your injuries, should your injuries be more severe or long-term than you originally thought. The moral of the story?  Don’t discuss a settlement with the insurance company unless you’ve already talked with a personal injury attorney.

Michael Melonakos

Attorney Michael

Michael, a lawyer who honed his skills at premier Atlanta insurance defense firms, specializes in cases involving trucking, auto, and premises liability, adeptly representing both local and national clients.